Panda Bears...are they not the most adorable of all bears? Did you know that panda bears have an crazy appetite for bamboo? They eat bamboo for 12 hours a day! In the wild, these cute bears live only in the remote areas of central China. They may look like they like to sit around all day but according to National Geographic, they are great tree climbers and not bad swimmers

Meet Shu Shu, the latest Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy. "Shu" is the Confucian principle of "refraining from actions toward others that would be disagreeable if done to oneself." So Shu Shu is our "Golden Rule" Scentsy Buddy. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." What timeless advice...if only the world would obey this principle. Shu Shu comes with your choice of Scent Pak that fits in a zippered pocket on the back of the Buddy. You can see all available Scentsy Buddies here. They are only available while supplies last. They make great gifts for any occasion for a child of any age!